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Sewer Camera Inspection


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Sewer Camera Inspection Services in Bakersfield Area

Diagnosing sewer line issues is often a challenge. If left untreated, minor problems can cause damage to your home and cost a lot of money to fix. The best way to detect sewer line issues before they can worsen is through a sewer camera inspection. At A-1 Services Plumbing, we provide sewer camera inspection services in Bakersfield Area. Instead of guessing or doing a blind inspection, our plumbers will know the exact cause of the problem. We always work with a sense of urgency to ensure that your sewer line issues are found and fixed quickly and effectively. Customer service is our focus, and we guarantee your satisfaction 100%. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week for any plumbing emergencies. Contact us at (661) 376-3327 to schedule a professional sewer camera inspection today. What Happens During a Sewer Camera Inspection? During a sewer camera inspection, our plumbers will insert a rod with a video camera on its tip into your sewer line. The video images are transmitted to the plumber in real time so that the condition inside your sewer line can be assessed immediately.    
Easily Locate Problems Since a sewer camera can rotate 360 degrees, it can do a full inspection of your home’s plumbing. It can detect the exact cause of your sewer problem, whether it is a clog in the pipe, a tree root invasion or something else. Prevent Future Problems If your habits cause your sewer line blockage, you can be able to make the necessary changes to prevent future problems. If you are looking for affordable and reliable sewer camera inspection services in Bakersfield Area, do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us at (661) 376-3327 to schedule a service.  
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